Insurance policy for owners of multiple cars

Bountiful is one of the most livable and safest cities in Utah. It is an extension of Salt Lake City and is a great place known for farming and gardening. The city has quiet neighborhoods and an affordable cost of living. More than 17,000 people in Bountiful use a car to commute, and some homes have more than one car. When couples own a separate car for each, or grown-up children in the family own a car, the house has more than one car. All cars need insurance, and companies like Bear River Insurance in Bountiful, UT, help residents buy vehicle insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts to their clients.

Multi-car Discount benefits homes that own more than one car. People who insure multiple cars with the same insurance company will qualify for a Multi-car Discount. By insuring two vehicles together, car owners pay a lower rate than insuring the cars individually.

The Multi-car insurance policy covers many vehicles that have the same garage address. This policy includes a discount and is cheaper than purchasing separate policies for each vehicle. A Multi-car Discount reduces collision costs, liability, and comprehensive coverage by 10 to 25%.

How to qualify for a Multi-car insurance policy

To qualify for a Multi-car insurance policy, the insurance companies might require the following:

  • All vehicles need to be registered at the same address.
  • A limited number of vehicles to be owned by a household.
  • The same individual must own all the vehicles.
  • All vehicles must be parked at the same address regularly.

Information needed to get a Multi-car insurance policy.

  • All car’s VINs
  • The yearly mileage for each car
  • The person who drives each car
  • Driver’s license of each driver
  • Social Security Number of each driver

How does a Multi-car insurance policy work?

This insurance policy works the same way as the policy for one car. People provide the details about the cars owned by a household and the name of the person who drives them. All drivers and vehicles share some coverages in the policy, while others cover only one vehicle. People can include their spouses, children, and other family members in the policy. It is better to include all people who live in the house and drive one of the cars that belong to the house. All car insurance companies allow people to insure multiple vehicles, but every company allows a different number of cars.

Reasons to take Multi-car insurance.

It eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple policies for different vehicles. People don’t have to search for a specific car’s policy paperwork to review benefits because all paperwork is found in one place.

This insurance policy is affordable because it is easier to manage a single premium than pay separately for each vehicle. Moreover, people who purchase Multiple-vehicle policies are eligible for Multiple-car Discounts.

With a Multiple-vehicle insurance policy, people don’t risk forgetting to pay a premium for any vehicle. It’s convenient, and all cars are paid for at once.

Other popular car insurance discounts are:

Group Insurance Discount

Homeowner Discount

Multi-policy Discount

Good Student Discount

Customer Loyalty Discount

Pairing with a reliable car insurance company like Bear River Insurance in Bountiful, UT, enables people to save a lot and enjoy many benefits. Car insurance rates depend on many factors, including driving history, where a person lives, and claims history. However, all car owners need car insurance coverage because it will protect them from financial obligations caused by untoward incidents.