Understanding Form IR21 – Tax Clearance 

What is Form IR21? 

Form IR21, also known as the Tax Clearance Form, may be an archive that people clearing out of Singapore for an expanded period or for great are required to tolerate the Inland Income Specialist of Singapore (IRAS). This Form is basic for guaranteeing that all tax things are settled sometime recently the person leaves the nation. 

Why is Form IR21 Vital? 

Form IR21 – Tax Clearance serves as an announcement from the person that they have satisfied all their tax commitments in Singapore. 

By submitting this form, the person gives the IRAS essential data concerning their take-off and guarantees that any extraordinary taxes are settled sometime recently clearing out the nation. This helps to anticipate any tax-related issues from emerging in the future.  

Importance of Tax Clearance?

Tax clearance is critical for a few reasons. Firstly, it illustrates to potential financial specialists, loan specialists, and commerce accomplices that your commerce is monetarily steady and contains a great track record of assembling its tax commitments. This will help in constructing belief and validity with partners, driving more opportunities for development and expansion. 

Besides, falling flat to get tax clearance can have genuine results for your trade. If you are incapable of supplying verification of tax clearance when required, you will confront punishments, fines, or indeed legitimate activity from the tax specialists. This could not as it was harming your business’s notoriety but moreover result in budgetary misfortunes that seem to undermine the survival of your trade.

Who Has to Submit Form IR21? 

People who are clearing out of Singapore for a period surpassing three months or for a longer time are required to submit Form IR21 to the IRAS. 

This incorporates both Singapore citizens and Lasting Inhabitants, as well as outsiders who have been working or dwelling in Singapore. Disappointment to submit the Form may result in punishments or other results, so it is critical to comply with this prerequisite. 

How to Fill Out Form IR21 

Filling out Form IR21 could be a direct handle, but it is imperative to guarantee that all data given is precise and total. The Form requires points of interest such as individual data, work subtle elements, take-off date, and an affirmation of tax status. 

It is vital to assemble all fundamental records and data sometime recently filling out the Form to maintain a strategic distance from any delays or blunders. 

Submitting Form IR21 

Once Form IR21 is completed, it ought to be submitted to the IRAS sometime recently the individual’s flight from Singapore. The Form can be submitted online through the IRAS site, or it can be submitted individually at the IRAS office. 

It is critical to keep a duplicate of the submitted Form for individual records and to guarantee that all tax things are arranged sometime recently taken off the nation. You can also hire services from Singapore company formation.


Form IR21 is a vital record for people taking off Singapore for an expanded period or for great. By submitting this form, people pronounce that they have fulfilled all their tax commitments in Singapore and guarantee that any exceptional taxes are settled before take-off. 

It is basic to comply with this necessity to dodge any tax-related issues in the future. Keep in mind to assemble all essential data, fill out the Form precisely, and submit it to the IRAS sometime recently clearing out the nation.


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